Commission Artwork

Yes, I am very happy to do commissions!

I am always honoured when asked to create an original art piece as I know it will preserve special memories for you.

Here are just a few pieces I have created over the years for people.

If you want to see what is involved, I break down the process for you here.

Animals feature A LOT in the pieces I’m asked to create, and I’m sure it is because I love them so much!  

Is there a pet that you have made lots of special memories with?

An original drawing or painting of your special furry friend is a great way to capture that unique friendship forever.


Do you have wonderful memories of a place that pulls at your heart?

Sometimes, I am asked to do a painting of a place which holds a personal meaning for someone.


Is there a painting which I have already done or an old favourite that you would like me to recreate for you?

 In a bigger or smaller size perhaps?


Would a Gift Voucher (Handmade) suit your requirements more?

It’s all possible.

Do you prefer black and white drawings, acrylic paintings on canvas or even mixed media work on a wooden panel with special text incorporated?

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